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LEED-New Construction Project Management (GreenSource)
Yellamraju Vijaya
A One-Stop Guide to Managing LEED-New Construction ProjectsThis GreenSource book explains, step by step, how to integrate LEED-New Construction (NC) rating system requirements into the building...
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Smarter Than the Street : Invest and Make Money in Any Market
Kaminsky Gary
CNBC Money Expert Gary Kaminsky Reveals the Wealth-Building Secrets of Wall Street Insiders Gary Kaminsky is one of the top money managers of the last two decades. Hisbook is a must-read for anyone...
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From 16.23
Security Valuation and Risk Analysis : Assessing Value in Investment Decision-Making
Hackel CFA Kenneth S
A superior new replacement to traditional discounted cash flow valuation modelsIn the aftermath of the financial meltdown, the models commonly used for discounted cash flow valuation havebecome...
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Practical SQL Queries for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
Tennick Art
Extract real, actionable business intelligence by utilizing the power of SQL queriesFeaturing 300 ready-to-use SQL queries Practical SQL Queries for SQL Server 2008 shows how to write SQL queries...
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From 31.06
CHINAMERICA : The Uneasy Partnership that Will Change the World
Handel Jones
From a leading global economic analyst, the definitive look at the costs and benefits of competing with China A must read for anyone seeking to understand the emergence of China as a major industrial...
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From 20.23
Harrison`s Neurology in Clinical Medicine, Second Edition
Stephen Hauser Scott Andrew Joséphson
The authority of Harrison's in a handy, full-color paperback devoted exclusively to Neurology in Clinical MedicineFeaturing the chapters on Neurology that appear in the landmark Harrison's Principles...
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