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Libro ebook Practical SQL Queries for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, Tennick Art
Author: Tennick Art
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Digital
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Extract real, actionable business intelligence by utilizing the power of SQL queries

Featuring 300 ready-to-use SQL queries Practical SQL Queries for SQL Server 2008 shows how to write SQL queries within Microsoft s BI stack, but well over 90% of the SQL queries will work with relational databases from other vendors. This solutions-based guide contains more than 300 SQL queries that can be immediately applied across a wide variety of BI-related problems. It begins with fundamental principles and simple queries and rapidly progresses to complex and sophisticated queries. The book is structured as follows:

  • Query: Introduction and description of query and its use
  • Syntax: Complete syntax
  • Result: Screen shot showing the data returned from the SQL Server relational database by the query
  • Analysis: Analysis of the results and tips for customization
Specific emphasis is placed on writing SQL for use within Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) connecting to SQL Server however, the techniques and queries can also be utilized across Reporting Services (SSRS), Integration Services (SSIS), Winforms and Webforms, and in a large variety of third-party front-ends.

Practical SQL Queries for SQL Server 2008

  • Includes 300+ ready-to-use, easily customizable SQL queries, all available for download
  • Features a practical, hands-on approach with a minimum of difficult concepts and theory
  • Explains how to visualize actionable BI
  • Helps to dramatically improve analysis and decision-making skills

Complete coverage of SQL queries
Select single table; Where; Order By; Select multiple tables; Aggregates; Select new tables; Except/Intersect/Union; Group By; System functions; Subqueries; Delete/Insert/Update; Views/User-defined functions; Stored procedures/Programming; DDL (data definition language)/DCL

Chapter 1. Select single table;Chapter 2. Where;Chapter 3. Order By;Chapter 4. Select multiple tables;Chapter 5. Aggregates;Chapter 6. Select new tables;Chapter 7. Except/Intersect/Union;Chapter 8. Group By;Chapter 9. System functions;Chapter 10. Subqueries;Chapter 11. Delete/Insert/Update;Chapter 12. Views/User-defined functions;Chapter 13. Stored procedures/Programming;Chapter 14. DDL (data definition language)/DCL; Chapter 15. After you finish
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