Libro ebook Not A Real War, Paul Longley
Subtítulo : A Sailors Experiences In a Soldiers War
Autor: Paul Longley
Editorial: Paul
Idioma: Inglés
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: 15,79 (343,17)
ISBN: 9781742845197
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Reville Magazine, The Returned Soldiers League of Australia 'This book is the personal account of former Navy Officer Paul Longley's experience while serving with the ADF tri-service contingent as part of the United Nations Mission to Somalia (UNOSOM) in and around the city of Mogadishu, 1993. The story is not a formal military history, nor is it an official record, but a stark and sometimes confronting personal memoir of the civil war and conflict which raged for many years. The book is a contribution by the author to add this mission's story to the proud history of the Australian experience of war. The proceeds from this book also go to support the Kai Hatley Foundation for Medical Research into MECP2. Visit
The author is a former Royal Australian Navy officer
This book describes the experiences of the author whilst serving with the Australian Defence Force with the United Nations Mission to Somalia in 1993.
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Fantastic read. A no-punches pulled, real-life account of serving in a multi-national peacekeeping force. Clearly depicts not only the highs and lows of service, but also the views of those inhabitants of a country where conflict is the norm. Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down. Highly recommended!
11/12/2016 5:14:45
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