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Lateralidad Cerebral Y Zurdería
Begoña Gómez Guardado
Este libro trata algunos casos de niños o adolescentes que están o parecen zurdos, pero en realidad no lo son, porque siendo diestros utilizan la mano izquierda, debido a un deterioro, lesión o falta...
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Lateralidad Cerebral Y Zurdería
Begoña Gómez Guardado

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Control de la calidad en los laboratorios clínicos
Murali Dharan
El objetivo principal de este libro es ayudar a los miembros del equipo de los laboratorios clínicos a entender los diferentes aspectos de la calidad que se logra en los análisis que realizan. Un...
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10 palabras clave en nueva genética
Ascensión Cambón Aquilino Fernández
Las posibilidades terapéuticas que ofrece la nueva genética son ingentes, pero, a su vez, inquietantes. La investigación y experimentación genéticas provocan grandes expectativas, pero también más...
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Rafael Murillo Alba
"Quiero destacar el fundamento de este libro por su interés y planteamiento novedoso, incisivo y de tanta actualidad en este momento. La evidente relación entre cuerpo y mente, la extrema...
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Enfermedades Sistemáticas y Litiasis urinaria
Juan Alberto Lancina
La litiasis urinaria es un proceso patológico muy frecuente, con una prevalencia de casi el 8% de la población mundial y una incidencia anual estimada del 0.3%, con ligero predominio en varones, y...
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Mammography and Breast Imaging PREP: Program Review and Exam Prep
Peart, Olive
A comprehensive review for the mammography registry examination from an experienced educator and clinician who knows exactly what it takes to pass Includes new coverage of the latest digital...
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Monografías científicas en cirugía, implantología y periodoncia
Olga Hidalgo Sánchez
La excelencia educativa ha sido el objetivo primordial de la Institución Mississippi en su larga trayectoria desde su creación hace más de veinte años La Institución Mississippi, en colaboración con...
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First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CS, Fourth Edition
Le, Tao, Bhushan, Vikas, Sheikh-Ali, Shahin, Fadi Abu
Trust the #1 selling USMLE Step 2 CS review book for the most thorough, score-boosting exam preparation possible! A Doody's Core Title for 2011! The best USMLE Step 2 CS review got just got even...
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Fundamentos de Neurosociología
Carlos de la Puente Viedma

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The Breast Cancer Survivor's Fitness Plan : A Doctor-Approved Workout Plan For a Strong Body and Lifesaving Results
Coltrera, Francesca, Gardiner, Josie, Prouty, Joy, Kaelin, Carolyn
The only breast cancer recovery program designed by a Harvard doctor and survivor and approved by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Feel healthy again. Regain control of your life. Exciting new...
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From 16.76
First Aid Q&A for the USMLE Step 1, Third Edition
Le, Tao, Feinstein, James
1,000 questions and answers prepare you for the USMLE Step 1!The only comprehensive Q&A review for the USMLE Step directly linked to high-yield facts from  Dr. Le's First Aid for the USMLE...
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Nurse's Pocket Drug Guide 2012
Barberio, Judith
Up-to-the-minute   data on 1,000 of the most commonly prescribed medications with a strong emphasis on patient safetyIncludes branded, generic, and over-the-counter medicationsOrganized...
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Clinicians Pocket Drug Reference 2012
Gomella, Leonard, Haist, Steven, Adams, Aimee
Everything you need to know when prescribing and administering 1,000 of the drugs most often used in medical practiceThe Scut Monkey Drug Manual!Organized alphabetically by generic drug nameCommon...
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Cardiac Surgery in the Adult, Fourth Edition
Cohn, Lawrence
The most authoritative, comprehensive, and current cardiac surgery resource completely updated and in full colorDVD with surgical video clips"...the must-have resource for adult cardiac surgeons...
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Basic & Clinical Pharmacology
Katzung, Bertram G
The most current, authoritative, and comprehensive pharmacology book for medical,   pharmacy, and other health science students. Widely respected for its clarity, comprehensiveness, and...
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Basic and Clinical Pharmacology 12/E
Katzung, Bertram G, Masters, Susan B., Trevor, Anthony
cThe most up-to-date, comprehensive, and authoritative pharmacology text in health medicineEnhanced by more than three hundred illustrations -- many in full colorOrganized to reflect the syllabi in...
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The Ultimate Glycemic Load Diet and Cookbook (EBOOK)
Thompson, Rob
Losing weight and liking what you eat can go hand in handTwo books in one eBook!You diet, you lose weight, you put it back on. You start dieting again, and the same thing happens. And so it goes. Don...
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Electrical Power Systems Quality 3/E
Dugan, Roger C., McGranaghan, Mark F, Santoso, Surya, Beaty, H. Wayne
The definitive guide to power quality, updated with expanded coverage of   interruptions and voltage sagsElectrical Power Systems   Quality, Third Edition addresses the causes of power...
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First Aid Cases for the USMLE Step 1, Third Edition
Le, Tao
The essential case companion to First Aid for the® USMLE Step 1400 high-yield casesFirst Aid™ Cases for the USMLE Step 1 features 400 well-illustrated cases to help you relate basic science concepts...
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From 39.79
Goodman & Gilman's The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, Eleventh Edition
Brunton, Laurence, Lazo, John, Parker, Keith
A Doody's Core Title ESSENTIAL PURCHASE! 5 STAR DOODY'S REVIEW!"The 11th edition of Goodman & Gilman continues to be the most comprehensive and authoritative single source on the pharmacology of...
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Clinician's Pocket Drug Reference 2008
Gomella, Leonard, Haist, Steven A., Adams, Aimee G., Smith, Kelly M.
Why sift through when you can zero-in? Exactly what you need to know about 1000 of the most commonly used medications Praise for the previous edition: "This is a very useful and up-to-date pocket...
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Lange Q&A Psychiatry, 10th Edition
Blitzstein, Sean
The most thorough and up-to-date psychiatry review available for the USMLE Step 2 CK and psychiatry clerkship exam800+ board-style questions cover the clerkship s core competenciesCovering all of the...
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Lange Q&A Internal Medicine, 5th Edition
Patel, Yashesh
The most thorough and up-to-date internal medicine review available for the the Internal Medicine clerkship exam and USMLE Step 2 CK  1000+ board-style questions cover the clerkship s core...
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Progressive Care Nursing Certification: Preparation, Review, and Practice Exams
Ahrens, William
The best review available for Progressive Care certification updated to reflect the latest changes in the PCCN exam!CD-ROM with 2 comprehensive   practice examsProgressive Care Nursing...
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Emotional Unavailability : Recognizing It, Understanding It, and Avoiding Its Trap
Collins, Bryn
"Bryan Collins explores the common problem of emotional unavailability from an original, practical, and non-judgemental perspective.  This book offers usable solutions to this   human...
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Multimodal Cardiovascular Imaging: Principles and Clinical Applications
Pahlm, Olle, Wagner, Galen
A complete guide to using multimodal imaging in cardiac practiceInteractive DVD includes moving images from the text4 STAR DOODY'S REVIEW!"In addition to compiling the various imaging modalities used...
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CURRENT Diagnosis and Treatment Emergency Medicine, Seventh Edition
Stone, C. Keith, Humphries, Roger
An easy-to-use guide to the diagnosis, treatment, and managemenet of the full range of clinical conditions seen in emergency medicineThis updated edition in the trusted CURRENT series is valuable to...
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Renal: An Integrated Approach to Disease : Integrated and Transitional Approach
Schmitz, Paul G.
An innovative, organ-specific text that blends basic science with the fundamentals of clinical medicinePart of the Human Organ Systems series, Renal: An Integrated Approach to Disease skillfully...
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From 53.06
First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 2012
Le, Tao, Bhushan, Vikas
Turn to the world s bestselling medical review book for the most thorough and up-to-date USMLE preparation possible now in FULL COLORFirst Aid for the USMLE Step 1 delivers exactly what you need to...
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