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Create your own iPhone and iPad apps with ease!

iOS SDK Programming: A Beginner s Guide shows you, step by step, how to build custom applications for the iPhone and iPad. All text, code, illustrations, and examples reflect the latest features in iOS SDK 4. Free online videos help flatten the learning curve. Author James A. Brannan works exclusively as an iPhone and iPad developer and shares his large arsenal of tips and tricks with you in this book, along with ways to avoid common pitfalls. By the end of the book you ll be able to build, test, and debug your own iPhone and iPad applications easily.

iOS SDK Programming: A Beginner s Guide

  • Explains how to use Interface Builder, the graphical tool that makes creating iPhone and iPad user interfaces easy
  • Offers detailed coverage of the iPad s user interface controls, including popovers and split views
  • Covers iPhone and iPad development using the iOS SDK 4.0
  • Features examples for each major concept, augmented by new videos on the author s website
  • Helps you approach iPhone development quickly and easily using the standard graphical controls, without being initially overloaded by the numerous APIs
  • Contains easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions illustrating nearly every major concept

Start-to-finish coverage
The iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK); C Refresher; Just Enough Objective-C; Deploying to an iPhone, Debugging, and Testing; UIApplication and UIApplicationDelegate; UIView and UIViewController; UITabBar and UITabBarController; UINavigationBar and UINavigationController; Tables Using UITableView and UITableViewController; Activity Progress and Alerting Users; Controls; Application Settings; Property Lists and Archiving; Data Persistence Using SQLite; Core Data; Multimedia; Building a Universal Application

Ch 1. The iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK)Ch 2. C RefresherCh 3. Just Enough Objective-C - Part One.Ch 4. Just Enough Objective-C - Part TwoCh 5. Deploying to an iPhone, Debugging, and TestingCh 6. UIApplication and UIApplicationDelegateCh 7. UIView and UIViewControllerCh 8. UITabBar and UITabBarControllerCh 9. UINavigationBar and UINavigationControllerCh 10. Tables Using UITableView and UITableViewControllerCh 11. Activity Progress and Alerting UsersCh 12. Controls - Part OneCh 13. Controls - Part TwoCh 14. Application SettingsCh 15. Property Lists and ArchivingCh 16. Data Persistence Using SQLiteCh 17. Core DataCh 18. MultimediaCh 19. Universal Applications for the iPad
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