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Libro ebook Gray Hat Hacking The Ethical Hackers Handbook, 3rd Edition, Harper Allen  Harris  Shon  Ness  Jonathan  Eagle  Chris  Lenkey  Gideon  Williams  Terron
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Fully updated expanded to cover the latest devious hacking methods

Featuring in-depth, advanced coverage of vulnerability discovery and reverse engineering, Gray Hat Hacking, Third Edition provides eight brand-new chapters on the latest ethical hacking techniques. In addition to the new chapters, the rest of the book is updated to address current issues, threats, tools and techniques.

This one-of-a-kind guide offers a comprehensive overview of the hacking landscape and is organized in a progressive manner, first giving an update on the latest developments in hacking-related law, useful to everyone in the security field. Next, the book describes the security testing process and covers useful tools and exploit frameworks. The second section is expanded by explaining social engineering, physical, and insider attacks and the latest trends in hacking (Voice over IP and SCADA attacks). The book then explains, from both a code and machine-level perspective, how exploits work and guides you through writing simple exploits. Finally, the authors provide a comprehensive description of vulnerability research and reverse engineering.

Gray Hat Hacking, Third Edition features eight new chapters, covering:

  • Social engineering
  • Physical attacks
  • Insider attacks
  • VoIP attacks
  • SCADA attacks
  • Dradis framework and information sharing
  • Client content-based attacks
  • Web server attacks

Detailed, authoritative coverageIntroduction to Ethical Disclosure; Ethics of Ethical Hacking; Ethical Hacking and the Legal System; Proper and Ethical Disclosure; Penetration Testing and Tools; Social Engineering Attacks; Physical Attacks; Insider Attacks; Using BackTrack LiveCD Linux Distribution; Using Metasploit; Dradis and Managing a Pen Test; Exploiting; Progamming SProgrammingills; Basic Linux Exploits; Advanced Linux Exploits; Shellcode Strategies; Writing Linux Shell Code; Basic Windows Exploits; Client Content Based Attacks; Web Server Attacks; VoIP Attacks; SCADA Attacks; Vulnerability Analysis; Passive Analysis; Advanced Static Analysis with IDA Pro; Advanced Reverse Engineering; Client-Side Browser Exploits; Exploiting Windows Access Control Model; Intelligent Fuzzing with Sulley; From Vulnerability to Exploit; Closing the Holes: Mitigation Techniques; Malware Analysis; Collecting Malware and Initial Analysis; Hacking Malware

"Part I: Introduction to Ethical Disclosure
Chapter 1 Ethics of Ethical Hacking
Chapter 2 Ethical Hacking and the Legal System
Chapter 3 Proper and Ethical Disclosure
Part II: Penetration Testing and Tools
Chapter 4 Social Engineering
Chapter 5 Physical Penetration Attacks
Chapter 6 Insider Attacks
Chapter 7 Using the BackTrack Linux Distribution
Chapter 8 Using Metasploit
Chapter 9 Managing a Penetration Test
Part III: Exploiting
Chapter 10 Programming Survival Skills
Chapter 11 Basic Linux Exploits
Chapter 12 Advanced Linux Exploits
Chapter 13 Shellcode Strategies
Chapter 14 Writing Linux Shell Code
Chapter 15 Windows Exploits
Chapter 16 Understanding and Detecting Content Type Attacks
Chapter 17 Web Application Security Vulnerabilities
Chapter 18 VoIP Attacks
Chapter 19 SCADA Attacks
Part IV: Vulnerability Analysis
Chapter 20 Passive Analysis
Chapter 21 Advanced Static Analysis with IDA Pro
Chapter 22 Advanced Reverse Engineering
Chapter 23 Client-Side Browser Exploits
Chapter 24 Exploiting the Windows Access Control Model
Chapter 25 Intelligent Fuzzing with Sulley
Chapter 26 From Vulnerability to Exploit
Chapter 27 Closing the Holes: Mitigation
Part V: Malware Analysis
Chapter 28 Collecting Malware and Initial Analysis
Chapter 29 Hacking Malware
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