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Libro ebook CHINAMERICA : The Uneasy Partnership that Will Change the World, Handel Jones
Subtitle The Uneasy Partnership that Will Change the World
Author: Handel Jones
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Digital
Language: Inglés
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: 20.23 (439.66)
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Publishing year: 2010
Pages 304
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ISBN: 0000071742425

From a leading global economic analyst, the definitive look at the costs and benefits of competing with China

A must read for anyone seeking to understand the emergence of China as a major industrial power and how profoundly it is changing the world economy." Dr. Henry Kressel, author of Competing for the Future: How Digital Innovations are Changing the World

Conventional wisdom pits China against the U.S. in a war for economic supremacy. However, In ChinAmerica, Handel Jones, a pioneer in creating Sino-American business partnerships, and one of the leading experts on China's industrial and economic emergence, demonstrates that the wave of the future is cooperation between the two titans, not conflict-and how America will benefit from increased economic engagement and competition with China.

Focusing on several key areas of conflict and mutual interest, Jones details what American businesses and policy-makers must do to keep pace with China's private and state-owned corporations. Filled with sharp observations and cutting-edge research, ChinAmerica is the most comprehensive look yet at the interdependency of the world's two leading powers. It is, in short, a book that will change minds about Sino-American relations.

Topics covered in ChinAmerica:
How CEOs have Replaced Generals • The role of government in Chinese and U.S. industrial policy • what Is China Today • Chinese Economic Philosophies • Predictions for the Chinese Economy • Taiwan and Its Synergy with China • Restructuring the U.S. to compete and collaborate with China

Chapter 1. Generating Wealth Through Strength(China and U.S. Wealth Generation Perspective, Operating Structures of U.S. and China, Roles of Corporations in Building Wealth, Competitiveness and Marketing Positioning, Threats to U.S. Position);Chapter 2. U.S. The Waking Giant (Introduction, Perspective on U.S. Industry, Role of Government in U.S. Industrial Arena, Industrial Decisions Affected by Politics, Weak Support of Capital-Intensive Industry, Outsourcing of Manufacturing, Support Infrastructure Around Core Industries, Decline of Research Centers, Effect of Foreign-Born Leaders on U.S. Industries, Global Leadership of U.S. Corporations, Competitive Threats, Use of Profits, Key Trends for Wealth of U.S.);Chapter 3. Growth of Industry and Wealth in China (Reality or Illusions of China, What is China Today, Historical Perspective of China, Top-Level Guidance of Business Growth by the Govenment, Industry Progressions in China, Role of Electronics Industry in the Growth of China, Automotive Industry Case Study, Strategic Implications of Growth, Key Challenges Affecting Wealth);Chapter 4. Taiwan and Its Synergy with China (History, Competitiveness in Global Markets, Strategic Factors for Semiconductor Industry, Role of Contract Manufacturers (EMS Companies) and ODMs in Building Electronics Industry, Taiwan's Industrial Base and Impact on Electronics Industry in China);Chapter 5. Rise and Decline of Japan (Introduction, Protection of Japanese Governments and Industries, Employment Priorities and Decision Processes, Market Positioning, Quality-Based Competitive Advantages, Consumer Electronics Industry, Computer Industry, Communications Industry, Semiconductor Industry, Automotive Industry, Future Trends);Chapter 6. Factors That Will Allow Wealth to be Generated in Future (Overview, Leadership, Control, and Management, Role of Creativity, Access to Raw Materials, Access to Required Funding, Distribution of Wealth, A Cohesive Society, Efficient Infrastructures, Strong Corporations in Multiple Industries, Strategies for Building Wealth, Why China Will Strengthen and U.S. Will Weaken)
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